• Proceedings of the Third International Congress for Bulgarian Studies, Sofia University Press, 2015
    • Society and Culture: Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies
    • Society and Culture. The Bulgarian Diaspore
    • Society and Culture: Comparative Ethnology
    • Society and Culture: Bulgarian Ethnology
    • Round-table: The Golden Age of Tsar Simeon the Great: Politics, Religion, Culture
    • Round- table: Digitization
    • Bulgarian language: Modern Bulgarian, Phonetics and Grammar
    • Bulgarian language: Bulgarian Studies Abroad. Teaching in Bulgarian
    • Bulgarian language: Modern Bulgarian, Lexicology and Lexicography
  • The Earth Faces the Sky: People and Orthodox Temples in Mid Rhodope Mountains (Iv. Patev, P. Shukerov, D. Varabanov), Sofia, Sofia University Press, 2015
  • The Bulgarian Muslim and the Challenges of the Forced Name Change, 1972-1974”, Part I (Hr. Matanov, R. Marinova_Hristidi) Sofia, Sofia University Press, 2014
  • St. Dimitrius from Bessarabia: the Saint of Two Peoples (R. Spassov, S. Hinkovski), Sofia, Sofia University Press, 2014
  • Petar Rogalski, “ Semantics and metaphysics in Gilbert of Poitiers”, Sofi_R Publishers, 2011
  • Martin Ivanov - “Network Capitalism: the Bulgarian Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. 1890 - 1914” (Published in Bulgarian) Gutenberg Publishing House, 2010
  • Nikola Lambov - “Europe in the Orient: Political and Cultural Interaction in the Middle East During the Crusades” (Published in Bulgarian), AZ Press Publishers, 2010
  • Yordan Baev - “The European Security System and the Balkans During the Cold War Years” (Published in Bulgarian), Damian Yakov Publishers, 2010
  • Borislav Gavrilov - “Dividing Europe: Crisis, Conflicts and Diplomacy during the Old Regime” (Published in Bulgarian), KOTA Publishers, 2010

Along with these books Sofia University Center for Excellence in the Humanities “Alma Mater” has published other monographic books and collections to include the following titles”

 K. Grozev and R. Marinova-Hristidi (eds.) The Jews in Eastern Europe and the USSR during the Second World War and the Cold War, 1939-1989 (in Bulgarian), Sofia University Press, 2013,  available online at  http://dialogueeurope.org/bg_BG/evreite-v-iztochna-evropa-i-svetskiya-syuz-po-vreme-na-vtorata-svetovna-vojna-i-studenata-vojna-1939-1989/

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