• Proceedings of the Third International Congress for Bulgarian Studies, Sofia University Press, 2015
    • Society and Culture: Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies
    • Society and Culture. The Bulgarian Diaspore

Forthcoming events

  1. Days of University Humanities, Autumn 2014, carried out by Historical Memory Program, November 2014

Past events

  1. International association for Bulgarian studies: Project leader, Associate professor Todor Popnedelev
  2. Electronic data-base for centers in Bulgarian studies: Project leader, Professor Vesselin Yanchev
  3. Christian inheritance in the Middle Rhodope Mountains during late 19th and early 20th c: Project leader Dr. Petar Shukerov


  • ­ Development of new interdisciplinary trend in the Bulgarian studies to include research in academic fields such as history, literary theory, linguistics, folklore, religion, philosophy, geography etc.
  • ­ Exploration, research, maintenance and conservation of the Bulgarian cultural and historic heritage
  • ­ Development of archaeometry and marine archeology
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