• Dialogues in the Field of International Relations, Security, Human Rights and EU Studies, Sofia 2013, Sofia University Press, papers from The PhD Students Forum at FISI, 2012
  • Bulgarian Modernist in the Context of European Modernism, Stefana Rusenova etc., Sofia University Press, Sofia 2015

Forthcoming events

  1. Interdisciplinary seminar entitled “Thinking by Images: Creating Confronting Stereotypes”, round table discussions involving Bulgarian and foreign lecturers, Academic Innovations Program, October-November 2014

1. Transatlantic seminar Project leader: Prof. Madeleine Danova, PhD, Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, Sofia University

The project envisages organization of public lectures held by foreign ambassadors, senior diplomatic representatives and academics, participation of Bulgarian scholars in important scientific events and publishing of academic and learning materials related to the field of  Transatlantic studies. 


To design and apply innovative and interdisciplinary approaches in humanitarian research and teaching

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