1. Transatlantic seminar Project leader: Prof. Madeleine Danova, PhD, Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, Sofia University

The project envisages organization of public lectures held by foreign ambassadors, senior diplomatic representatives and academics, participation of Bulgarian scholars in important scientific events and publishing of academic and learning materials related to the field of  Transatlantic studies. 


2. Mass Media Propaganda during the Cold War: Newsreels in Bulgaria and USA: Project leader Prof. Svetlana Stoycheva-Andersen

The project focuses on some of the key propaganda tools used during the Cold War and analyses the different perspectives in portraying leaders, events and key social themes. 

3. The Bulgarian Modernism in the Social Cultural Context of European Modernisms:  Project leader: Professor Stefana Roussenova

An ongoing project that makes a comparative analysis of the development of modernism in different countries of Europe and will result into an academic research (book and CD) to gather articles (in Bulgarian and English) addressing a broad audience interested in one of the most fascinating and at the same least researched periods in the Bulgarian literary culture 

4. Future towards the Past: Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diplomacy in 20th and 21st c.

Project leader-Prof. Rumiana Mihneva

The project will contribute to compiling and publishing of a book entitled “Bulgarian Cultural Diplomacy at the end of 20th and the beginning of 21st c.”, a multimedia CD with teaching materials in the field as well as the organization and implementation of post-graduate seminar led by public administration representatives and academics. 

5. The Soft Power of Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy: Project leader-Prof. Rumiana Mihneva 

Completed projects

Doctoral seminars jointly conducted with the Fulbright International Summer Institute (FISI), Project leader: Associate professor Julia Stefanova, PhD, Faculty for Classical and Modern Philology, Sofia University

The project aimed at offering various interdisciplinary courses directed by famous academics and practitioners from USA and Bulgaria, as well as assisting post-graduate research.

Stories from the Radio Archives, Project leader:  Associate professor Kostadin Grozev, PhD, Faculty of History, Sofia University

The project will produce three multimedia products and a documentary films ad

dressing broad international audience, including academics, teachers, students, historians, journalists etc. showing interest in the modern European and Bulgarian history especially focused on events related to the Cold War period and the totalitarian regimes in Central and Eastern Europe that still remain insufficiently analyzed. 

A Multilingual Multimedia Product to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Sofia University, Project leader:  Associate professor Boian Dobrev, PhD, National Art Academy

The project using extensively digital multimedia tools such as graphic design, introductory animation, spherical panoramic photos and video documentaries presents well-known and less known landmarks of Bulgaria promoting its history, geography and culture. Therefore, this multilingual multimedia product is interesting both to specialist and students in applied multimedia and digital technologies in fine arts, and to broader Bulgarian and foreign audiences. (see also htttp://boyan.attaindreams.com/start­_bg.html) 

“Funeral Traditions and Practices of the Dardian Inhabitants of India and Pakistan”, Project leader: Julian  The project researching specific traditions and practices in India and Pakistan will result into a photo exhibition and the production of multimedia products. 

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