European Union and Regulations on International Private Law, 2009-2016; Project leader-Prof Nikolai Natov

The Project is focused on clarifying the theoretical aspects of the legal framework of various EU Regulations related to the civic and commercial procedures and their practical implementation in Bulgaria. Along with that the project facilitates and improves the learning content included in the curriculum of the students in Law and International Relations, as well as helps Bulgarian legal experts to better handle European Law related practices. 


Europe: Development through Crisis: Project leader, Dr. Boris Stoianov

An ongoing project that aims at researching the crisis as key factor for the development of the European integration. It reveals various legal, historical and social aspects of the main critical situations in Europe, stressing on the crisis of the nation-state and the deepening of the integration processes as new forms of public regulation, the different visions for united Europe, political nature of the crises and the ways different European states try to maintain their own interests within the EU. The project envisages few round-table discussions and the publication of two monographic books. 

Completed Projects

  • International Commercial Law: European and Global Dimensions in the International Trade Law
  • Power Centers and their Interaction in the International Relations in 21st c.: consequences on the Bulgarian and the EU Security and Defense
  • Periphery and Legal Order

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