1. Digitized Informational and Educational Platform to Teach Bulgarian Language, History, Geography and Culture: Project leader, Associate professor Boyan Koulov, PhD, Head of Program, National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography, Bulgarian Academy of Science


The project bringс about the design, production and implementation of a digital platform, entitled “Educational and informational gate of the Bulgarian Schools Abroad”, to lay the foundations of an e-learning model to include development of e-textbooks, e-guides and e-training of teachers and school administration officers working at the Bulgarian schools abroad. The project also undergoes  necessary research and administrative work to set an Institute for dissemination and popularization of Bulgarian language and culture “Ivan Vazov” and to design an e-based map of the Bulgarian schools functioning all over the world.   

2. Senior seminar, entitled “New reading of Humanities: Iberian, American, Mediterranean and Transatlantic Languages and Cultures”: Project leader Professor, Madeleine Danova, PhD, Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, Sofia University

The project is focused at seminar aiming lecturers and post-graduate students with in-depth interests in the humanities. Along with that the project involves the participation of leading foreign academics guest lecturers, hosting international conferences and video seminars as well as publishing of academic collections in the humanities.

3 .Teaching Media and Information Literacy through Development and Application of Innovative Approaches and Models: Project leader, Senior assistant professor Danail Danov, PhD, Media Pedagogy, Sofia University

The project traces down the application of the media and information literacy (as a whole concept and as constituting elements) in the Bulgarian education and aims at producing recommendations (including development of multimedia products and implementation of teaching courses) for its better development over the forthcoming years.

4. The Mountain: Models of Social, Economic and Cultural Development. Perspectives for Regional and Trans-border Cooperation: Project leader, Associate professor Boyan Koulov, PhD, National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography, Bulgarian Academy of Science

The project aims at developing new sustainability policies of the Bulgarian mountain regions in search of appropriate conditions for the setting up and the implementation of a Balkan Convention for Sustainable Development to assist and facilitate academic and applied research of young scholars looking for career development in the mountain regions.   

5. The World of the Global Television: a Monolog or a Dialog: Project leader, Associate professor Maria Neikova, PhD, Faculty for Journalism and Mass Media, Sofia University

The project investigates the coverage patterns vis-ȧ-vis communication of several global 24-hour news programs

(see also http://bnr.bg/sites/horizont/Shows/Current/HorizontDoObed/Society/Bulgaria/Pages/1704Globalnitv.aspx)

Completed projects

100 Landmarks of Alma Mater, Project leaders: Associate professor Mariana Assenova, PhD, Faculty of Geology and Geography, Sofia University and Associate professor Biliana Borissova, PhD, Faculty of Geology and Geography, Sofia University

Based on the joined efforts of several University departments to include the Faculty of Geology and Geography, the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, the project updated, systematized and presented in public the existing information about the most important places of geographical, historical and cultural value.

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