1. International association for Bulgarian studies: Project leader, Associate professor Todor Popnedelev
  2. Electronic data-base for centers in Bulgarian studies: Project leader, Professor Vesselin Yanchev
  3. Christian inheritance in the Middle Rhodope Mountains during late 19th and early 20th c: Project leader Dr. Petar Shukerov
  4. Western expansion on the Balkans: Military Orders and Italian Republics, XII-XIV c.: Project leader, Associate professor Alexander Nikolov
  5. Bulgarian Muslims and the Challenges of the Forced Name-Change Process, 1972-1974: Project leader, Professor Hristo Matanov
  6. Dubrovnik and Bulgaria, XII-XV c.: Project leader, Professor Vassil Giuzelev
  7. State and Economics in the Balkans, 1856-1914: Project leader Dr. Hristo Berov
  8. Modernization and dominant European tendencies in pre-World War 2 Sofia: factories, leading figures and cultural heritage: Project leader, Associate professor Mira Markova 

Completed projects

1. Bulgarian Communist Regime and the Youth Subcultures, 2012 –2013.   The project zooms into different youth initiatives going beyond the dogmas and strict requirements of the communist ideology and propaganda during the totalitarian regime in Bulgaria, 1944-1989. It resulted in an in-depth research, two exhibitions and an academic conference to discuss the projects findings.

All project materials are accessible at:



Project leader, Associate professor Mihail Gruev

2. A documentary photo-exhibition and a brochure-catalogue promoting the activity in Bulgaria and Italy of Arnoldo Zocchi, December 2012 - December 2013. The project, related to the 135th Anniversary of the end of the Russian-Turkish War and the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878 presents the works of the famous Italian artist showing numerous photos and a CD. (see also http://www.uni-sofia.bg/index.php/bul/novini/novini_i_s_bitiya/tretiyat_kongres_po_b_lgaristika_prod_lzhi_s_otkrivaneto_na_dokumentalna_fotoizlozhba_posvetena_na_arnaldo_dzoki) Project leader: Senior assistant professor Radoslav Spasov, PhD

3. A Research on the Attitudes and Feelings of the people of Bulgarian-Muslim Origin who viewed positively the process of restoration of their Bulgarian names, held 1972-74, conducted between 2012 and 2014. The project sheds light on some aspects of the early stage of the Process of Changing of the names of the Bulgarian Muslims that are still not known by the broad Bulgarian audience. Project leader: Professor Hristo Matanov, PhD

4. Christian Memories from the Mid-Rhodope Mountains, 19th – 20th c., 2013 –2014. Based on in-depth field and archives research the project reveals new facts of the history of the Rhodope region by producing specialized publications and a photo album. Project leader: Peter Shoukerov, PhD

5. The Great War, 1914-1918: personal stories and global history, 2013 –r 2014. The Project presents numerous academic articles and a specialized web-site devoted to the research of key events of this historical period. Project leader: Associate professor Vesselin Yanchev, PhD

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