1. A seminar on national and regional history of 15th – 19th c. Project leader: Associate professor Ivan Purvev, Faculty of History, Sofia University

The project joins the efforts of different famous Bulgarian and foreign scholars who during their short-term visits in Bulgaria or abroad lecture and familiarize foreign audiences with the results of their research. Based on the organization of numerous workshops and conferences so far the project has enjoyed the participation of world-known names of academics and researchers.

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2. Senior MA and PhD students’ seminar “The Balkan City. Project leader: Associate professor Ivan Purvev, PhD, Faculty of History, Sofia University

The project gathers various academics from different countries who lecture on a short-term basis in different fields of the humanities. The project also publishes a sequel of collections under the title “Regional Studies”. 

3. Interdisciplinary research project entitled Social Dimensions of the Environmental History of Southeast Europe, 16th – 19th c. Project leader: Senior assistant professor Maria Baramova, PhD, Faculty of History, Sofia University.

The project analyses in depth the social dimensions and the relationships existing between social activity and the environment in Southeast Europe in 16th – 18th c. It aims at adapting and applying the modern concept of environmental history, still insufficiently used and under-developed in Bulgaria. 

4.Center for Regional Research and Analysis (CRRA), led by Associate professor Ivan Purvev, PhD, Faculty of History, Sofia University

The project looks into different aspects of the past and present of the Balkans and Asia Minor and their interaction with the neighboring regions focusing on the bilateral relations. The Center develops regional expertise in the research filed and produces and publishes academic collections used by public institutions, commercial companies and non-governmental organizations from Bulgaria and abroad. 

5. Environment and Traditions: Cultural adaptation, economic models and identities; Project leader: Asociate professor Vesselin Tepavicharov 

6. Economic relations of the Ghets’ capital city of Helis: Project leader, Professor Totko Stoianov 

Completed projects

Urban development of Plovdiv during the Ottoman Period, 15th – 19th c., led by Professor Ivan Purvev, PhD, Faculty of History, Sofia University

The project contributed to the developing of advanced teaching and research skills among young promising academics, graduates of prestigious international universities.

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